The quartet of Good & Young is a family ensemble rooted in the dance and music traditions of Old Time, Bluegrass, Country & Cajun. With fiddle, banjo, guitar, accordion & bass, they are a festival of rhythm, dance and harmony.

Rick, Linzay Emma & Sharon – photo by Tom Kreuger

Rick Good met Sharon Leahy on the old time circuit of the seventies—he with the Hotmud Family, she with the Green Grass Cloggers. They have been performing with their daughter, Emma Young for more than twenty years, largely in their dance and music company, Rhythm in Shoes. Just a few years ago, wedding bells rang and the family band grew to include Emma’s talented husband, Linzay Young, former frontman for the Red Stick Ramblers.

Emma & Sharon spankin’ the planks at Hiawatha

Rick was a 2010, Ohio Heritage Fellow and is recognized and respected for his accomplished banjo playing, heartfelt singing and crafty songwriting… Sharon has received numerous fellowships from the Ohio Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts. Her love and understanding of American tradition is clearly seen and heard through her award-winning choreography, artful singing and driving rhythm on guitar and bass… Emma, a rock-solid bass player and a fine harmony singer, was presented the Josie Award, her hometown of Dayton’s highest honor for dance, in 2003… Linzay is a versatile fiddler, soulful singer & talented songwriter. A founding member of the notorious Red Stick Ramblers of Louisiana, he is a true link in the chain of Cajun Music and Culture whether he’s wielding a fiddle bow, playing his accordion or cooking in a blackpot.

Carrying on the family traditions of song and dance, Good & Young serve it up with real joy and know-how.


In addition to concert & club appearances, Good & Young provides a wide range of teaching expertise in workshop and camp settings. Among the classes that are available are…

… Oldtime Banjo, Cajun Fiddle, Duet & Trio Singing, Clogging, Tap Dancing, Social Dancing (including Swing, Square & Cajun) and Cajun Cooking.


Maple on the Hill (Gussie Lord Davis)

Slipp’ry Slope (Linzay Young)

Willow Garden (Traditional)

Biscuit Bounce/Doza Lala (Linzay Young/Traditional)

Pickin’ Up Stone (Rick Good)

Estille County Ramble (Van Buren Kidwell)

Broadcast Live from Lake Charles on KRVS Radio:
A Year Ago Today (J.D. Hutchison)

When I Get Home (Rick Good)

Southwest Louisiana is one of the most culturally rich areas of our country. Deeply-rooted and soulful traditional music, unparalleled social dancing and signature cooking is enjoyed by all with great enthusiasm. We are blessed to be a part of it.

After a sweet Valentine’s Day appearance at the Saint Street Inn in Lafayette, Louisiana, Good & Young held forth at Le Gran Hoorah at Chicot State Park near Ville Platte. It was the second year for this Festival and everyone had a grand time.

The Family Band next appeared at the Joie de Vivre Cafe in Breaux Bridge on April 29th. Another great venue for music, the cafe also serves great food. We’ll strive play there again in the Fall.

Good&Young Blue Moon
GOOD & YOUNG at the Blue Moon in Lafayette

Good & Young also enjoyed playing at a couple more of Southwest Louisiana’s most popular musical venues: Cafe Des Amis, in Breaux Bridge and the Blue Moon, in Lafayette.

Cafe Des Amis
GOOD & YOUNG at Cafe Des Amis

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FamilyBands ACA
L to R: Linzay Young, Emma Young, Sharon Leahy, Rick Good, Marc Savoy, Ann Savoy, Joel Savoy, Kelli Jones-Savoy, Wilson Savoy

The Acadiana Center for the Arts presented an evening of Cajun, country and oldtime music and dance from a pair of family bands, November 20-22, 2013.

The celebrated Savoy Family Band teamed-up with our own Good & Young family band for an eclectic and entertaining evening of American traditions. This versatile collection of moms, dads, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives took to stages in both Lake Charles and Lafayette, blending in duets, trios and quartets, contrasting and combining traditions and coming together in a full nine-piece orchestra of intoxicatingly jubilant music.